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      Welcome back to episode 12.

      I just wanted to post a quick update, before I have to take off here.

      For the past couple of months, we've been working on making the vision bigger, better and really just moving it to a whole new level.

      I'm excited right now, because we have some cool things coming up over the next few weeks and months going into 2014.

      We have new funnels being launched, new products on the horizon and badass new sales videos going up.

      The message of today is to get to the events...

      ...because dynasties are created from events.

      Looking back over the past Empower Network events, it's easy to now see how every single event has been a pivotal moment for Empower Network.

      So today I want to encourage you to make a decision to get to Miami, and bring your team with you.

      Tomorrow I'll come back and teach you a little bit more of the why and how of getting to the events.

      Watch the video, pay attention and make a decision now to get to Miami.

      Leave me your thoughts, and comments below.

      Love ya,

      - David Wood

      P.S. Re-blog this video, share it with your team and together - let's make this the most badass event yet.

      P.P.S. Tickets are going quickly, login to the members area and get yours now, see you there.


      - The EN Team


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      EN is giving out some great prizes for their next contest

      Happy Thanksgiving :)

      Today marks an important date, for several reasons.

      First, the announcement of The Empowering Your Holiday Contest (starts 12:01am Black Friday with me LIVEright here).

      For the holidays, we wanted to do something special.

      Something more ridiculous than ever before. We put together The Empowering Your Holiday Contest, with over $125,000 in prizes!

      Check them out:

      --------------start of contest---------------

      First Prize:

      You’ll get to choose between the gorgeous and “green” Tesla all electric super car, or the all new, American muscle, Road and Track “Performance Car of The Year” the C7 Corvette.

      Tesla Electric Supercar:

      C7 Corvette:

      Decisions, Decisions… 

      Second Prize:

      Own a piece of Empower Network history that also happens to be insanely stylish and expensive :-) You’ll be brought on stage in Miami to receive David Wood's personal watch, the Rolex Daytona in gold with a diamond dial…now that’s how to tell time.

      Third Prize:

      Another piece of Empower Network history, our third prize finisher will be brought on stage in Miami to receive Dave Sharpe’s personal watch, The Bell & Ross Roulette, limited edition.  

      Fourth Prize:

      The ULTIMATE Apple Office

      You’ll be rocking a fully loaded 15” Macbook Pro Retina, a fully loaded iPad Air and a Thunderbolt display…can you say gadget heaven?

      Fifth Prize:

      The envy-invoking iPad Air

      Yep, it’s this years hottest gadget by far, faster, lighter, thinner, and it will be yours, loaded to the hilt with every option available.

      6th-10th Prize:

      We’ll recognize you on stage in Miami, and hand you $500 in cash to make sure you do Miami in style.

      The Top 200:

      We’ll be having an exclusive cocktail mixer the evening before the event.  Get up close and personal with David Wood and Dave Sharpe, and I'll be there as well.  We look forward to spending an evening celebrating your achievements and preparing for an incredible event in Miami.

      We’ll be kicking things off with a LIVE webcast on Black Friday.  This is a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of all your team at home, and instead of just football or shopping, they can get plugged into an exclusive live training with Dave Wood, and of course we’ll have some Black Friday exclusive opportunities to get tickets at unheard of, Black Friday only deals.

      Here’s how to win:

      1.  VBS - 25 points

      2.  Miami Event Tik - 25 points (75 pts max per member)

      3.  2 VBS & Event Tik bonus - 50 points (daily) with a limit of three tiks per member acct.

      4.  VBA - 75 Points

      5.  Masters - 150 points

      The Top 200 will be eligible to receive 150-point bonus for each directly sponsored affiliate that attends the Miami event.  To get the bonus, directly sponsored affiliates must register by 12:00pm EST on Saturday, January 25, 2013.  The Top 10 will be determined after bonus points are applied on Saturday, January 25, 2013. 

      The contest will run from 12:01am Black Friday until January 15th…and we’ll be announcing and rewarding the winners in Miami.

      So with that, Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all of our affiliates and customers that are taking the message of hope and entrepreneurship to the world.  We’re honored to be working with you, and hope your day is full of family, friends, and food.

      - Jonathan “JCron” Cronstedt

      CEO, Empower Network

      --------------end of contest message---------------

      Honestly, I think that's the most badass contest we've ever created, and I'm excited to be handing out the prizes (including my watch) to the winners in Miami.

      Tomorrow at 1pm EST, I'm popping on a live broadcast from Costa Rica show you how to make a LOT of money over the next 60 days, with what we're doing with Empower Network.

      Also, at 1pm EST, tickets to our event are going on sale (one time) ...only for 1 hour.

      I'll talk about it live on this page:

      We're putting tickets on sale for $97, for 60 minutes, and I want you to get your teams on the livestream.

      Also, pick up an extra ticket or two (or 5) for your spouse, your family, your team.

      Because in January, in Miami---the vision of what we're doing here is getting a LOT bigger.

      I have some important announcements to make tomorrow at 1pm EST. Login to the Members area in Empower Network, and send a personal email to your team to get them on.

      I'll take care of the rest.

      Here's the link again:

      See you tomorrow, live.

      - David Wood

      P.S. Let me know how you feel about being able to literally 'take' my watch from me in Miami, along with all the other ridiculous prizes.


      P.P.S. Make sure to attend  the live stream tomorrow, if you want to find out how to get the fastest results and kill it with the contest - I'll see you there!


      - The EN Team


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      I am posting this from my brand new env2 backoffice. This ROCKS! Can't wait to see this platform develop.


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      What do wallets, purses, pockets, and bank
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      Apply the simplest yet most effective system…
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      make a peace sign
      do a high five
      deposit money into your bank
      put some green in your pocket
      *(not weed, but green Benjamins)

      Opportunity is here and so are you… take your hand
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      David Wood just posted this video on his blog and I had to share it because it hits on a key concept required to get the things you want.

      Watch the video below. When you are finished with the video, click on the banner on the right – entering your email into the form that appears as you do.


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